Our foundation is built on being a unique luxury resource for women to feel comfortable in their style, personality and size.  We’re an all inclusive brand that believes in treating each client like the individual  you are.  Our goal is to establish a brand that is aware of cultural, social and economical issues so that we can make an impact  in our local and international communities.  We design, create and distribute from the local Grand Rapids area and wish to expand to a global market.  



Jae Michelle, Designer, Founder & CEO

Jerusha “Jae Michelle" White is the designer and CEO of Bel Ren. She developed a love for sewing and fashion from her mother during their many sewing lessons and shopping trips together. 

Jae immediately took to sewing and it became one of her favorite pastimes.  Her first big sewing project to redecorate her childhood bedroom is where her true love for sewing evolved.  At some point shopping became disappointing and she couldn’t recreate the looks she envisioned.  So… she began altering and making the clothes from her imagination.

Jae studied at both Grand Rapids Community College and Davenport University.  She also got married and become the mother of three amazing boys.  Throughout it all, sewing remained her passion and she launched Bèl Rèn Couture Clothing, LLC in 2016. 

“You only get one life! I’m choosing to live mine doing what I love and living in my purpose.  I’m hoping that I can get to a place to inspire others to live purposefully, too."


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